The Art of Music

“The thinking and penning of thoughts down. The building of lines and verses out of words with a soulful rhythm. The creation of picturesque lights and the painting, in a vivid picture of any world at all, is the power of Music. That is what a symphony does.
It inspires love and it can inspire hate in any heart. It speaks to the needs of all, comforts the broken heart. It rules festivities and sounds gongs of celebration. It has the power enough to drive a motivated spirit.”
Music is an art. It has never been ordinary work. It is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, sex and race. It is one thing that unites the whole world together and can tear anyone apart too. It’s soulful rhythms has brought many to their feet in tears. Lines formed into Psalms has jeered people into war.
Music is a blessing, it is a voice, unifying every man and aids the expression of words and thoughts can can rarely be spoken of with mere language. It is beautiful and calming to any spirit. Even crying new born babies respond to the art of music through lullabies.

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