Like Stars On Earth

The stars are the decorations of the sky. Stars are massive luminous celestial bodies that shines from gas by radiation derived from its internal energy sources. They are the beauty spoken by God into creation to adorn the clear night sky. The sky would be cold, dry and plain without the presence of stars. A starry night has been proven by research to be one of the most wonderful sights on earth.
The stars are more than just mere the embellishment of the sky, they are what keeps the Sun- without the stars, there will be no sun. They are also what the ancient people used to navigate sea travels.
Every man is a star. We are unique, special and exceptional. What makes us who we are is what makes us *uncommon.*
We are the caparison of the world, the elements that makes the world beautiful the way it is.
Each person with their own thoughts, wisdom and humour to provide, adds sparkles to the life of the next person by his side. We are encouragements to one another as the star is to Sun. We are strong as the stars too that last for billions of hers and fend for themselves and shine from gas that is generated from the radiation from internal energy sources.
A star is unique. They are all different in color, brightness, temperature size and mass. There is no other star containing the very same  components that makes up the first star. The same goes with humans; we are patented and peculiar.
Everyone has a role and their sole is to add light and life to Earth where they have been placed to adorn.
Live your life with this understanding, there is no living, breathing soul walking on earth that is like you. As stars aid the Sun, adorn the sky, bring light to humans, help travelers navigate their sea travels, so are humans to other humans and Earth.
We are Like Stars On Earth.
Credit @Niarastable

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